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Environment ministry pushes for special climate change bill


"We've proposed adopting a special bill on climate change. The bill is important because we want the goal we'll set for 2050 to enjoy a very broad political consensus."

Speaking after Thursday's government session, Zajc said the cabinet adopted Slovenia's stance on the EU's Clean Planet for All vision for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

"At EU level, our country will advocate setting a goal of reaching a neutral society by 2050," said Zajc, noting this put Slovenia among the ambitious EU members.

The government also discussed preparations for drafting a framework for a long-term climate policy, which the National Assembly will also be notified about.

He deems the framework very important because it "will set our path leading towards the goal which we will set for 2050".

Zajc announced a meeting with NGOs and a public discussion on the matter will take place next week.

The ministry also believes the country should consistently check whether the goals were being met as agreed.

"We've proposed five-year carbon budgets, and five-year plans to monitor the implementation of the measures, because we don't want to realise in 2040 we are not even close to the goal."

The ministry would also like a special council of experts to be set up to help the government draft the five-year plans and monitor their implementation.

What is more, once a year the parliament would discuss the progress to check if the government is doing its job, according to Zajc.

The minister believes the transition to a climate-neutral society must be socially just, cost-effective and fairly distributed among the current and future generations.

"We don't want the future generations to carry the entire burden of adapting to climate change, we want action to be taken already now," Zajc also told the press.


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