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Slovenia urged to declare climate emergency


"Climate crisis is not something that is coming, it is already here. It is the only threat to all segments of Slovenian society, without exception," Brecelj said as she presented the appeal to the government.

She said Slovenia was warming twice as fast as Earth on average, which means it has a vested interest in crafting an ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis.

The appeal comes just as Slovenia has been berated by the European Commission for setting unambitious targets in its energy and climate strategy until 2030.

The government must update the document by the end of the year, which Barbara Kvac of Focus, another environmental NGO, said was an opportunity to be more ambitious.

The appeal has been addressed to the government rather than the Environment Ministry because it requires efforts by more than just one department.

"We want the government to break this passive stance on climate change and take decisive action in all sectors including energy, transport, agriculture and industry," Brecelj said.

The appeal is a part of worldwide efforts to convince governments to declare national climate emergencies. Canada became the latest country to do so yesterday.


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