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Gifts from Slovenia



Here are some ideas from a few of Slovenia's expats... Ole Bloch, coach and consultant, Denmark: What I really like to bring home to business partners, family, and also for myself is some of the many good wines that are produced in Slovenia. You can't get these in any shops in Denmark, and people are always surprised by the fine quality. I also love to bring snaps (domace zganje) produced by my wifeïs family in Podbrezje. It is made of herbs, cherries, apples, pears or plums-all grown organically in their own orchards. David Hampshire, actor and director, UK: Refosk is great! Well, I mostly bring home wine and sweets...and a lot of good wishes. Michael Manske, journalist and radio moderator, USA: Since Slovenia's national anthem is a drinking song of sorts, it's always appropriate to bring your loved ones a nice Slovenian wine or liqueur for the holidays. The selection of wines is rich and varied, so it's usually hard to go wrong there. One gift that my family in America was quite taken with, though, was a bottle of Viljamovka. If you don't know it, it's a kind of pear schnapps-often with an entire pear miraculously suspended in the bottle. That alone makes it a great attraction. I bought a bottle from a monastery near the picturesque town of Kostanjevici na Krki. They were quite touched by the idea that monks had a hand in producing their gift. (If anything, perhaps it makes one feel less guilty when drinking to excess over the holidays). Brian King, software developer, Ireland: We bring different types of gifts to my family in Ireland, but every time we go we try and choose something unique from Slovenia. Here are some examples of items: local hand-crafted pottery, honey, wine (I live in the Cvicek region of Dolenjska, but we bring other wines too), local preserves (jam and marmalade), celnice/beehive fronts, Slovene chocolate. One time we brought a limited edition copy of a book of Slovene folk tales, which was written in Slovene with side-by-side translations in English. However, I can't recall the name of the book right now! Steven Fast, CEO, USA: Besides a bottle of wine or two, I like to take back a large selection of brochures from the Slovenian Tourist Board to encourage my friends to come visit and discover this beautiful country. It gives me a chance to talk about our life here and to display the diversity of sights in Slovenia.


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