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How to excite your friends about Slovenia?



Now it seems as if we have found the pill for both of those diseases. In a few weeks, you can spare yourself and your friends by treating them the DVD Slovenia, Slovenia's first ever video guide. The film will charm you from the beginning. It will take you through the country in an hour that will feel like the blink of an eye. It has extra features like an amazing 3 minute flight through Slovenia and additional clips on 6 of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. A fun tourist film!? Slovenia already has its share of tourist films, but the new DVD Slovenia is well-made and - most importantly - it is actually FUN! The witty edge of this guide comes from Peter Poles, the young, charismatic host. Peter is a rising media star, temporarily leading a show called ¯Never at 10 p.m.® on the 2nd Channel. According to producers of DVD Slovenia (Alojzij Slak and Andrej Kajzer), it is a disaster that Peter, who already got several national TV awards, still does not have a primetime show on national TV. In the DVD, Peter shows not only big potential for Slovenian TV, but he looks like a real competition to Ian Wright, the famous host of Lonely Planet guides. The sunny east In 42 minutes Peter takes you through Slovenia over 6 thematic routes. He starts the trip in Ljubljana, travels on the ancient Amber route through Celje, the third biggest town in Slovenia, and ends up in Maribor, the amazing capital of Stajerska. Moving back south along the Slovenia-Croatia border, his voyage on the Sun route starts around Ptuj, the oldest documented town in Slovenia and the center of Slovenian Carnival celebrations. Ptuj is also famous for the its spas, enjoyed all along the Sun route. Once Peter arrives to Dolenjska, the Peddler's route takes him through southeast Slovenia, a region of isolated primeval forest, forgotten rivers and interesting woodcrafts. From Triglav to Piran The second part of the voyage starts on the Goldenhorn route, the realm of the legendary goldenhorn goat that once dominated this mountanious region. The most strenuous of all routes takes Peter all the way from green valleys, up to the high peaks of the Julian Alps. Moving forward, Peter climbs the Vrsic road - the highest mountain pass in Slovenia - and continues south along the magnificent Emerald route named after the Soca river. Finally, Peter shares his experiences on the Wind route, perhaps the most intersting route of all. Postojnska Jama, Karst architecture, exquisite cuisine and the coastal town of Piran are all addressed in Peter's observations. The crew What makes this DVD truly special is the highly professional crew behind it. The film was directed by Franci Slak, one of the most famous Slovenian directors who recently directed a movie on France Preseren, Slovenia's most famous poet. The exquisite director of photography is Rado Likon. The movie was produced by Digitial Studio Slak, who made Slovenia's first tourist DVD on Postojna Cave in 2001. Since then the production company made significant steps forward and is now making the majority of movies for Slovenian tourist destinations (Lipica, Ljubljana, Julijske Alpe, Bovec and Kranjska Gora). However, they want DVD Slovenia to remain their biggest long-term project and they expect it to get bigger and better with each edition. The DVD can be bought in more than 800 shops all over the country, including tourist shops, bookshops, Petrol's gas stations and elsewhere. It can also be ordered online at - a pilot project of the emerging Slovenia Times bookshop, which aims to become a one-stop shop for all multimedia on Slovenia in English.


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