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Slovenia OK with endorsed EU semester recommendations


Slovenia, which was represented at the session by Finance Minister Andrej Bertoncelj, believes the implementation of the recommendations will facilitate a further improvement of its public finances and strengthen the basis for potential economic growth, the Finance Ministry said in a press release.

It noted that Slovenia had advanced to the group of EU members which were projected to come close to the medium-term fiscal goal.

Slovenia is recommended to reach its medium-term goal of a structural deficit of 0.25% of GDP in 2020.

The EU also calls on Slovenia in the recommendations to adopt and implement health and long-term care reforms which will secure a long-term fiscal stability.

It urges it to provide for a long-term stability of the pension system, including by adapting retirement age and limiting early retirement.

Slovenia should also enhance the employability of low-skilled and older workers through several measures, including better digital literacy.

The country is moreover urged to improve the business environment and public procurement and to complete privatisations as planned.

A new recommendation added this year is related to investments, where Slovenia is advised to focus on research and innovation, low-carbon and energy transition, sustainable transport and environmental infrastructure.

The EU ministers also talked about the negotiations on new own sources for the EU budget.

Slovenia's position is that the existing system of own sources, based on payments on the basis of GNP, is working well.

Nevertheless, it does not oppose streamlining EU budget revenue. However, potential new sources must be simple, fair and transparent, and should not cause disproportionate administrative costs, according to the ministry.


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