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Running along the River Savinja - to Celje and Back


Leave the motorway at the exit Šempeter. If you are driving from Ljubljana, turn right at the first crossing to Šempeter at the first roundabout and take the second exit to Prebold. After 200 meters, just before the bridge, turn left to the camping park Latkova vas. Park there and climb to the embankment that braces the river against floods. The route offers walkers and runners, and ciyclists a well-arranged trail that goes all the way to Celje and back, in a total distance of 28 km.

Savinja is the longest Slovenian river, and runs exclusively in Slovenia at 102 kilometers long.

Lets get to know one part of its path. Towards Celje, after 2.7 km you reach the first bridge in the village Šešče. Continue straight on and after 4.5 km you reach the Vrbje pond, which is about 10 times smaller than Lake Bled, but very alive. 170 species of birds have been discovered in this vicinity. It is a special natural environment that is often flooded by the river and hidden from urbanization and intensive agriculture.

At the 6 km mark you reach the bridge at Griže. At 7,4 km, cross a short wooden footbridge over the Podvinska stream. The stream is 14 kilometers long and was created from the abundance of the Savinja river, which during the year greatly overflows in the stream, and made unusable for mills and saws. In the desire for its inexhaustible energy, a part of the Savinja River was taken to the riverbed where numerous saws, mills and a power plant were installed. Today, none of them are in operation but the stream still flows.

At 8 km you will reach the bridge between Kasaze and Petrovče. At 10.5 kim there is a narrow hanging bridge over Savinja. At 12.5 km we you will reach Špica. This is where Koprivnica flows into Savinja. Kayakers have a home here. There are rapids and marked tracks. If you're thirsty, enjoy a refreshment in the guesthouse.

Do not hang around too long, it is time to go on. Crossing the footbridge over the brook, from where we can take a look at the Celjes swimmimg pool, at 13 km you will be at the bridge on Čopova street. At 14km in you will find a new footbridge across the Savinja River, where a statue of Splavar-the man that leads a raft across the river-stands. In the past woods were rafted along the river Savinja as far as Belgrade. Rafting so far, in his target city, the rafter dismantled his raft, sold the wood, and went back by foot. Now you will have to do the same.


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