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A perfect day (and night)in Ljubljana



Tired from your travels or the previous evening, getting food will probably be a priority. Dan Ryan-our special culinary correspondent-can surely help you with that. His recommendations for gostilnas are shown inside the map. After you have satisified your alimentary needs (well, at least some of them), you might be interested in moving on to new adventures. Spending the early hours of the day - regardless of what time it is - in one of the wellness centres is heavily recommended. Manca will be your guide in shopping - be it in BTC City or the charming shops in the centre of the town. You can even visit the recently opened Fair Trade Shop and "catch three flies at the same time": buy a quality product, and help someone to feel good at the same time. If shopping is not your cup of tea, you might be interested in taking one of the more interesting walks around the town. If this is the case, just follow Ales and he will tell you where to turn off the main streets. And, Tone is the man to direct you once the mulled wine stalls are closed. Getting Around: When you don't feel like walking... Ljubljana is a pocket capital. Crossing it by foot is literally a matter of an hour. However, the best ways to get around longer distances are buses and taxis. 22 bus lines cover the entire urban area and it usually takes no more than one change to reach any destination. Maps and timetables are displayed on bus stops and navigating should not be a major problem. Recently introduced services also allow passengers to get information about the next bus via SMS and the internet, but for a visitor, the information on bus stop displays should be sufficient. Frequencies depend on particular lines, times and days, but the usual waiting time should not exceed fifteen minutes. Buses are boarded with tokens, which you can buy at newsstands for EUR 0.80 (SIT 190) each. The alternative is filling the token box with cash, but the price in this case is higher (SIT 300). A good way to avoid paying each bus ride is Ljubljana Tourist card, which also serves as a three-day bus ticket. Urban railway was a non-existent term for Ljubljana until recently, when a short line from the main station to BTC shopping centre was introduced. Not only shopping, but also cinemas, recreation, and bathing await you on the other side of this unique train line, worth exploring. Should you be out too late night, with too much luggage, or a little lost, a taxi is a friendly solution. Fares are reasonable, considering the fact that Ljubljana is also too small to make a ride cost more than some EUR 15. The price varies depending on the luxury. Taxis, which wait in certain "strategic" positions like the railway station, also charge a bit more. Price cannot be negotiated, with a possible exception of some long rides far out from Ljubljana. Morning: Chill' in The City Enjoy a late breakfast and take a train ride to BTC City, where you will find yourself in front of Atlantis, the largest waterpark in this part of Europe. The total area of the Atlantis complex measures 20,000 m2, of which 1,800 m2 is occupied by leisure pools. Visitors can enjoy three distinct but interconnected theme areas: the Thermal Temple, Sauna Land and the World of Excitement, which is targeted toward children. Each area is set against a wonderful backdrop of natural stone (both indoors and out), tropical vegetation and antique wood constructions: all lit by a combination of artificial and natural light. The outdoor recreational pool is connected with those indoors. Enhanced by underwater lighting, they feature water delights like geysers, massage jet nozzles, air seats and beds, waterfalls and streams in which visitors can swim against the flow. In addition, there are two whirlpools with massage jet nozzles and air seats that also have underwater lighting. There are, of course, bars and restaurants. The accompanying services and facilities (Thai massage, solariums, a hair salon, shops selling diving equipment and bathing accessories) all combine in making Atlantis Water City a truly modern European waterpark - not only in terms of its architecture, but also in the variety of its offerings.


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