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Outdoor family adventure trails across Slovenia


The three family adventure trails in operation are located in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana and offer a few hours' experience for families looking for daily trips into nature and a relaxed, child-friendly way of getting to know new places and their specialties. Above all, the goal of all these experiences is for children to learn to observe nature and realize the importance of caring for the environment. Children will begin their journey with a booklet, which they get at the starting point, and a prize awaits upon completion of their mission.

The Krvavec Goblin Adventure: A sensational adventure for the whole family high in the Alps

Mount Krvavec, only half an hour from the capital of Ljubljana, beckons families to a true goblin adventure. Long ago the shepherd goblins cast a spell on the mountain and nothing has been right since. Moody weather, enchanted trees and spooked livestock - all the work of mischievous goblins. But most of all, the goblins love to play tricks on local shepherds, which is why the shepherds need help. As the children enjoy the thrill of a treasure hunt, collecting goblin runes that they can use to break the goblins' spell, they discover strange enchanted trees, create spooky mountain tunes, take part in shepherd games and unveil the mysteries of the Krvavec mountain pastures.

The Mali Plac Bog Goblin Adventure: An exciting adventure in the middle of the Ljubljana Marshe

Mali plac means the "Little Spot" and it is a magical place full of unusual flowers and animals. For thousands of years it has been covered by moss, which reaches deep into the forest into the kingdom of the bog goblins. But these mischievous goblins turned the magical "Little Spot"into an empty old bog infested with annoying mosquitos and irritating midges, not to mention all the other creepy crawlies and flying critters. Now the children must find a magic spell with the help of a friendly goblin called Lilly.

Dormouse Adventure Park: An amazing family adventure in Polhov Gradec

A roistering dormouse has lost his home in the attic of Polhov Gradec Mansion after making too much noise. Now, with the help of children, he seeks a new home. On this journey, accompanied by the rollicking dormouse, children will visit and learn about animals, plants and other characteristics of this charming environment. A trip to Polhov Gradec, a small location at the end of the valley, is perfect to visit, along with the Polhov Gradec Manson and the Post and Telecommunications Museum, both suitable for children of all ages.

Languages of the family adventure trails

Škrateljc adventure trails are perfectly adapted for foreign visitors, enabling parents and children to keep up with the stories and content with ease in their mother tongue.

The Krvavec Goblin Adventure works in four foreign languages - English, German, Italian and Czech, while Dormouse Adventure Park and The Mali Plac Bog Goblin Adventure is available to experience in two foreign languages - English and Italian.

Škrateljc adventure trails are based on stories from original picture books, illustrated by Slovenia's most famous illustrators. For foreign language readers, The Roistering Dormouse picture book is available in English and Italian.


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