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Comprehensively Assessing Business Partners through AJPES


The web portal of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES) provides 24/7 access to daily updated original, official and reliable information about the operation of legal entities available through different registers and records. The online service allows for consistent updates of information about business partners through its database.

From an Individual to a Comprehensive Approach Using the Fi=Po Online Tool

Up until now, traditional users have mostly assessed their business partners individually. This means they analysed the operations of a partner by means of financial data from statements published over the past five years, which are checked for ownership changes in the business register, pledges of their movable property in the Register of Pledged Movables, and for any potentially frozen bank accounts in the same register. They could also request for an S.BON credit rating, which can be used to assess risk according to an internationally comparable methodology, or obtain an international Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

Analysing business partners one-by-one is time consuming, AJPES has developed a modern analytical tool called Fi=Po, which enables a comprehensive analysis of all business partners at once. By linking financial and content data, FI=Po makes it possible to analyse one business partner individually or multiple partners simultaneously. This brings an added value for the users and saves a lot of time. The centrally upgraded search engine enables a quick insight into the basic data, such as contact information, industry, headquarters, the management board, supervisory authorities, and related legal entities. It also provides a single-site overview of all the records on the legal entities in registers, records and publications in the AJPES portal. The subscriber can compare the information about their business partner to the competition, the region, and the industry while exporting data to their tables and drawing up their own detailed analyses. They can monitor the movement of the business partners' risk assessment, solvency, and other relevant data. Additionally, they can subscribe to receive up-to-date notifications that detail any changes in the information about their business partners from the registers, records, and publications in the AJPES portal. In the AJPES portal, it is also possible to monitor any publications pertaining to the management of insolvency proceedings, publications based on the Companies Act (ZGD-1), and other legally binding publications.

From Local to Global Data with a Click

In the digital era, advanced users can also opt for the pro Fi=Po online service, which provides CRM and accounting systems with current information on all business partners simultaneously.

While the Fi=Po analytical tool enables the analysis of Slovenian business partners, the AJPES portal also provides access to the European Business Register (EBR). Here users can obtain various types of information about foreign business partners. The basic information about foreign business partners can also be obtained in the BRIS system, which is accessed through the e-Justice portal.

Today, modern managers cannot imagine doing business without an up-to-date monitoring and assessment of their business partners and the environments in which they work. Business risk management reduces the variability of future business performance and the likelihood of business-related and financial problems. The race against time can be more successful when the business uses modern approaches enabled by the digital era. Using the Fi=Po analytical tool will enable a simple, comprehensive and modern business partner monitoring, which is based on official and reliable data and make up the basis of all business relationships in the modern world.


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