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Boutique Tourism in Slovenia


Our answer was by using various alternatives like shuttle services to Ljubljana, Zagreb, and the Venice Airport, and even organizing private transfers with Big Berry's own car fleet. The problem was solved but it took a lot of time and money. We have learned a lesson that no matter how good your destination is, direct connection with your target market(s) is an important factor that will affect the volume of arrivals to a particular region. LSBC has been lobbying for years for a direct flight from Luxembourg to Ljubljana. Research in Luxembourg has been done and we got the same feedback, with no direct flight people will not come. Luxembourg, with the highest purchasing power in the EU and high interest for alpine destinations, is one of the most underestimated markets. This year, together with Kompas, we made the first step towards with promotion at the VAKANZ Luxembourg annual tourism fair and found that the interest is genuine. We are aware that a new flight connection also brings a risk of empty seats to the carrier, therefore it has to go hand-in-hand with the better promotion of the destination, not just for leisure but for business travel.


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