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Boutique Tourism in Slovenia


Slovenia has much to offer. Italians love Slovenia: traditionally they have always been in first place for number of arrivals and overnight stays. According to the latest data from the National Statistics Office, in the first three months of this year over 104,300 Italian tourists arrived to the country. This figure places Italy at the top among foreign tourists, before Croatians (79,700 arrivals), Austrians (59,600) and the Hungarians (close to 26,000).

Italians are also in first place for overnight stays, with over 224.200 people, followed by Croatians, Austrians, and Germans. Why is this love continuing to grow? Slovenia is a European country where the Alpine, Mediterranean, and Karst landscapes-all of which are familiar to Italian people-are really close to each other and easily reachable. But tourism is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the demand for a more tasteful and refined concept vacation is in constant growth. Millennials especially seem to be in search of luxury accommodations that have a modern flavour and a sophisticated but, at the same time, functional atmosphere. They are travellers that are always connected-they like to find a design that is an elegant, technological, and comfortable environment.

Slovenia is the perfect place to invest in small, elegant, and unique boutique hotels in a natural environment, close to Alpine sport locations, on the coast, and where you can emphasize the flavour of the regional cuisine.


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