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Boutique Tourism in Slovenia


Yes, you have read it right, Slovenia is a pearl. Our guests, who we invite more and more every year, tell us this repeatedly. It is true that there are too many people in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and the Caucasus who still do not know where Slovenia is. They may not know a thing about it, but it is also true that sincere smiles from those who have visited Slovenia are invaluable. It is usually difficult to stop them when they talk about their tourist experiences in Slovenia. However we shouldn't be fooled by this. We have a fantastic country and are mostly very friendly and helpful people. Security is at an enviable level, which is of utmost importance for tourism growth. Prices are generally acceptable and no tourist complains much about them. What sticks out a mile and hinders the faster tourism growth is the airport infrastructure. There is only one airport in the country, which also has connections problems, and lately there have been problems with the national air carrier. We have less to offer wealthy guests, those with really deep pockets, that's why they do not come to Slovenia. It is the same with investors who would like to develop high-end and boutique-style tourism. Fortunately, we can notice that things change for the better. Investors' interest in Slovenian tourism is growing, but we certainly should not fall asleep in the laurels of growth. We constantly need to be aware that tourism is the fastest growing segment of the world economy. In this context, we should follow trends, try even to be trendsetters, and develop the infrastructure that is absolutely necessary for growth. And, perhaps the most important, we need to continue to invest in human resources. Without them Slovenia will not become the tourist pearl that it truly is.


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