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Smart solutions for elderly independence to be tested in Slovenia


One of the project's partners, the Slovenian company Eurotronik, is thus searching for participants aged above 65 years, who would be asked to test the project's smart solutions free of charge for a year.

The project, which involves a total of ten partners from Slovenia, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, would like to provide a package of smart solutions which includes some of the existing information and communications technologies (ICT) solutions.

The goal is to ensure affordable, user-friendly, safe, reliable and easy-to-use strategies, said the Social Sciences Faculty's Centre for Social Informatics, which is also participating in the project.

The project's research part will include the elderly who do not have any serious cognitive disorders or dementia as well as their families.

The package features a safety touchscreen phone which enables the users to communicate with their families and get help from their emergency contacts.

There are also a sensor system and a safety watch intended for emergencies which reports on any changes to the user's daily routine and triggers an alarm in case the older person falls down.

The project is part of the Active Assisted Living Programme, which is co-funded by the EU Commission and the Public Administration Ministry.


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