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Vila Mila, Bled, Slovenia - Green Accommodation


Slovenia offers 48 destinations, 34 accommodation providers, 4 natural parks, and two tourist agencies that comply with the green strategy and pride themselves on obtaining the Slovenia Green label. One of them is Vila Mila, a fully renovated villa in one of the oldest parts of Bled-positioned right under the Castle.

Vila Mila is a house with rich history. The first information about it can be found in the Franciscan cadaster from 1827, which noted a household name Kaischouz. At the beginning of 20th century the house was rebuilt due to a fire in the area. It was named Kajževinaand by the family Čop who owned it at the time. The family kept ownership of the house until 1980 when they moved out of Bled and sold their villa to the group of Slovenian companies that began to use the house as a holiday home for their employees. After some ownership rotations between various individuals, companies, and brokers, in 2007 the complete villa was bought by a young family from Bled. They had visionary plans of renovating the property and bringing back the look that the mighty building once had.

After much coordination and planning, the documentation for complete renovation was ready at the end of 2011. Construction work began in the summer of 2013 and at the beginning of 2015 the villa was ready to accept its first guests. Renaming the villa after the youngest family member, Mila, the family added a personal note to the house and started a new chapter in the villa's history. Vila Mila has both a touch of the past and cutting-edge technology for a comfortable stay. Guests can sleep in seven different one-bedroom apartments, with a beautiful garden and a view of the St. Martin's church and only a short walk from the Lake Bled. A garage with two EV charging stations and a greenery roof with BBQ facilities offers added value for a relaxed stay in the center of Bled that manages to be a very private area.

Believing that only sustainable tourism has a positive impact on the small town of Bled, its lake, and the local community, moving towards eco-friendly construction solutions and the use of environmentally-friendly products was a natural way to re-position Vila Mila as the accommodation choice for guests with high ecological standards. Being eco-friendly does not mean the quality of the guest's experience will be compromised. Quite the opposite, high standards to receive eco certificates for tourism ensure that the establishments have both the guests and the environment in mind.

The Green Key award is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious eco-label represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education. A Green Key stands for the promise to its guests that by choosing to stay with the Green Key establishment, they are making a difference on an environmental level.

Being the first accommodation in Bled to have the Green Key certificate, the EU Eco Label certificate, and the Slovenia Green Accommodation award, Vila Mila strongly supports the town in it's endeavour to beome a truly green destination.


Welcome to Bled, dobrodošli na Bledu!


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