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"Just Twist and Shake When Baby Awakes"


And so Sleepy Bottle was born. Two years ago, Rok introduced the first prototype of world's first fully portable baby formula maker with the intention to make young parents' lives easier. But the path to success was long and difficult. Being an innovator of digital solutions takes time, but developing a physical product, where you have to depend on production, is another thing entirely.

You have to have great designers, engineers, and financial support from investors that can actually enable testing of the product's prototypes. But Rok and his team were persistent and it paid off for them.
But what is it so unique that Sleepy Bottle can do? The product plugs in to the wall and heats while you sleep. It has clever sensors so it knows how much water you've put in the bottle and how much heat it needs to achieve a perfect feeding temperature of 37°C. The patented cartridge design keeps the powdered formula dry and separated from the water until it is time to feed the baby. The device is BPA-free, easy to clean, safety-tested, highly durable, heat resistant, and available in two colours. It covers an impressive list of world's health and safety regulatory standards, such as CE, WEEE, ROHS, FCC, and FDA all in order to keep your baby not only fed, but healthy and safe. And last but not least, it is made in the EU.

Due to the its ability to make the perfect baby formula at perfect temperature in the matter of seconds, Sleepy Bottle is a perfect travel companion. It enables long outdoor activities and gives a family a lot of flexibility. To heat the Sleepy Bottle it only takes a portable battery "power bank." Or you can simply plug it in a car's 12V power socket

It's as simple as that. With its design, Sleepy Bottle made it into the prestigious Selfridges in London in 2018. 

Today you can buy Sleepy Bottle not just in Selfridges in London, but Baby Center in Slovenia, and they can be found in Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Dubai, Qatar, and they are currently finalizing agreements with Oman, Kuwait, Lithuania, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

The most important fact in their success story is that parents are recognizing the product as useful, but also stylish. The team really put a lot of effort into not just making an efficient feeding device, but a beautiful product for the eye as well.

For supporters of Sleepy Bottle it was no surprise that, in addition to other accolades, they were listed in the Top 100 best world products of the year 2019 as a part of T3 Magazine's Hot Pick, where the product made it to 78th place. 

So what are this young team's ambitious plans? They just started talking about cooperation with Danone, the second biggest baby formula producer, to join forces in the optimization of baby formula's manufacturing.

Andy Baynes, CEO of Global Talent, Investor, Entrepreneur, Former Apple & Google Executive, on why he got involved with Sleepy Bottle at an early stage:

Unlike most mainstream VCs I like to get involved with exciting companies at an early stage. Sure, it is more risky, but I feel I can contribute more and have more impact at the early, vulnerable stage of a new idea or business. Sleepy Bottle already had other investors when I joined. Remarkably, they also had some advanced prototypes. Sleepy Bottle stood out for me as a simple design that solved a very real problem for young mums and dads the world over.


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