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Ministry says Slovenia is global hop production powerhouse


Addressing the opening, Agriculture Ministry state secretary Tanja Strniša pointed out that the ministry supported hop field rejuvenation and techniques of producing noble varieties of hops.

She deemed hop farming a demanding sector which is flourishing mostly due to farmers' efficiency and cooperation - in 2017, Slovenian growers acquired the protection of the geographical indication of the Štajerska region hop.

The head of the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing Martina Zupančič said that Slovenia was the fifth largest hop producer in the world - every 12th pint of beer worldwide is thus made of Slovenian hops.

Zupančič called for developing hop varieties which would prove resistant to the climate change.

The 57th International Hop Growers' Convention, held in Žalec and Ljubljana and running until Friday, has attracted some 160 participants from 12 countries.

Apart from debates and presentations of Slovenian hop growers, the participants will also visit the Žalec-based institute and eco-museum as well as a number of Slovenian tourist attractions.

The international convention is held by the Slovenian Hop Growers' Association this year under the auspices of the International Hop Growers' Organisation, which was established in 1951 and consists of 34 members from 20 countries.

According to the website of RTV Slovenija, Slovenia is the fifth biggest hop producer in the world, after the US, Germany, China and the Czech Rpublic, and represents 3% of global hop production.


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