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Digitalisation well under way at Krško N-plant


NEK said that digitalisation was being implemented in all areas, which will allow optimal maintenance of the plant and lower operating costs.

Most of the company's business processes have been digitised. The technical operations department has for instance digitalised its equipment inspection, isolation and system management logs.

"We have digitised a major part of task orders which are now electronic, from preparations, planning, acquisition of permits, approvals, and other operations up until task completion and record logs.

"We have also digitised the procurement process, inventories, acceptance inspection and planning, as well as expenditure oversight," NEK told the STA.

A few years ago, NEK developed a search tool called IZI which makes it possible to search its database of internal operating experiences, information, know-how and documents, as well as those of other nuclear power stations that are collected by international organisations.

The World Association of Nuclear Operations has recognised the tool as a good solution in application of operational experience in the nuclear industry and has recommended it to other power plants.

In its annual report for 2018, NEK committed to a long-term digitalisation strategy, considering the type of NEK's technology and the need for a conservative approach to digitalisation. The process will be guided by the needs of the end consumers.

NEK employees are actively involved in international nuclear technology organisations where they share experience in digitalisation and examples of best practice, which allows them to make cost savings.

NEK is due for scheduled maintenance on 1 October. Taking about a month, the process will include refuelling, equipment checks and preventive maintenance, as well as several upgrades.


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