The Slovenia Times

Delo says the "most dangerous weapon" has been created


The collapse of the INF, signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, primarily paves the way to a clash between China and the US.

"Russia is still at the forefront of the stormy weather spreading across the planet, but its influence, and thus also its role are significantly different from the one that former Soviet Union used to have," the paper says, adding that the US's main rival now seems to be China.

US President Donald Trump is determined to stop the Asian force before it rises to the sky, so he has imposed customs on Chinese products but this seems like small arrows compared to the intermediate-range ballistic missiles, which the US-Russian roulette is all about. "It all looks like pulling a dragon by its tail. Trump obviously has no idea who will put out the fire that the dragon is exhaling."

Every time Chinese leaders sense that the US stepped on their tail they become best friends with Kremlin and every time the Chinese and Russians join forces, somebody gets hurt, Delo implies.

"Their friendship cannot last long in peace, and in war their relationship is always full of nuclear power."

But the most dangerous thing of all is that nobody knows exactly what Trump's strategy might be, the paper concludes under the headline Trade War with Nuclear Weapons.


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