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A Quiet Land Under Ratitovec



Although the local community has tried to attract visitors to the valley under the Ratitovec mountain with the principal town of Zelezniki, tourism has been limited mainly to transit traffic to Cerkno ski resort and some minor events throughout the year. Big coaches with Japanese or German tourists have yet to discover this valley. Those who have enjoy the rich history of the former iron-producing town with the best-preserved blast furnace in Slovenia. Just opposite is the museum where this old smelting tradition is displayed. The town is also known for its lace-making and special honey cakes. The list of outdoor activities is much longer. Within 20 kilometres, there are three ski resorts, all very different from one another. Soriska planina is small, but it is one of a few resorts with no artificial snow. Cerkno is a fashionable place and one of the most sophisticated resorts. Stari vrh is somwhere in between, but it will have great potential when the new chair-lift is built sometime next year. Stari vrh is already the leading provider and one of the pioneers of


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