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Swiss Limec Solution opens plant in Odranci


In addition to Europe, Limec Solution, an international producer and system supplier with global manufacturing bases, also sells its products in China, Canada and Mexico.

The company assembles machines and produces hi-tech products, such as lasers for the healthcare sector and aluminium products for automotive industry and other industries. It employees some 80 people.

At the opening, director Hans Peter Strebel said that Limec Solution had decided for the Odranci location because they had had bad experience with some other countries.

The company has been cooperating with Slovenian partners for more than 20 years, which is why it intends to move the bulk of its production to Odranci, he added.

The facility, in which plastic bags and foils were produced 15 years ago and which was the first plant in the industrial zone in Odranci, was purchased from a bank together with the surrounding land two months ago.

It currently employs 12 people, and another 12 are expected to be employed in the coming two months. Next year, the plant is expected to employ 150 people and a new production hall is planned to be built in June, measuring some 4,000 sq metres.

Limec Solution hope that many locals who now work in Austria and Germany will look for work in the plant, promising that wages will be above the average.


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