The Slovenia Times

Večer scolds Šarec for advocating new NEK reactor so easily


It was unexpected for many, but actually it really was not, the paper says under the headline Nuclear Turbo, referring to Šarec visiting NEK to endorse the project of a second reactor, which it says is at least a political surprise.

Although politicians were inclined to a referendum before the last elections, today nobody mentions the will of the people any more, as Fukushima has been forgotten, and the blame for the disaster put on natural forces.

But no one should relativise as large a disaster as it happened in Japan in 2011, when the world was literally shocked. "even if the nuclear plant in Krško is considered safe and it will stay such ... because there is no proof that this is not so."

But the paper says that it is certainly time to start discussing "what we want", adding that this debate should have been launched at least twenty years ago. There should be talk about what kind of power plants Slovenia will build, how to reduce consumption and how to replace the existing sources.

A second reactor at NEK is one of the options to supply Slovenia with energy, but before making such a decision, politicians must present very precise data to citizens, serious alternative scenarios and decent debate.

And there should be as little efforts as possible to make the transition to low-carbon sources conditional on nuclear energy, concludes the commentary.


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