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Andreas Maierhofer



prise as I heard my name and as I joined those here on the stage and I feel really very happy. Why do you think the public decided to choose you? I think you have to ask all the people who voted for me. Look, I'm working in the mobile communication industry and Slovenia is really a very hard market compared to other markets in the whole of Europe, because we are still looking for real liberalisation. We are still looking for real competition, and therefore you have to be quite fit when you would like to have success in this industry. And therefore I think...maybe to be a little bit arrogant...I deserve also to win here. Being a real businessman, had you ordered your colleagues to vote for you? Not really, honestly. Because I really was very busy all the time, but I have to say thanks to everybody who did vote for me. I guess a lot of people in the company SiMobil voted for me, but I heard also some rumours, that even the competitors voted for me. So, I have to say, especially in this case, they were very fair. I'm very happy. Are you familiar with any Slovenian word? Yes, of course. The normal "dobro jutro" and "pivo", also "lustna punca". I think it's all I have in my word treasury, but that's it for now. What do you like most about Slovenia? I like this country very much, because first of all of the very nice size. Slovenia is small, has a lot of advantages. You have more options when you are living in Ljubljana. You can go everywhere. In one hour you are at the mountains, you can go to the coast, and what I really also very much like here is the people. Sometimes they are a little bit too closed, ja. I didn't have up to now any problems to communicate in English or German. The people are really well-educated and I have to say the life quality is really very high here. I like to be here.


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