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British author sets her explosive debut novel in Slovenia


The book's tagline succinctly describes the protagonist - Silver blows things up to keep people safe. Athletic men who can sing are her only weak spot and she can tickle them to death.

Having uncovered an international chemical smuggling operation, the chemical expert is threatened, framed for murder and on the run, wanted by the British and Slovenian police. Her scientific skills and shrewdness help her deal with dangerous situations, such as jumping off a cliff or abseiling down a steep slope.

According to Aurora Walshe, editor of magazine Chemistry World, the novel is fast-paced and thrilling. The story sometimes gets overly convoluted, but it demonstrates the pragmatic side of chemical knowledge and skills.

The heroine, whose real name is da Silva and hails from Portugal, is a strong female protagonist who navigates the male-dominated world and does not budge an inch in untangling the mystery and getting justice.


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