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ICT sector continues to grow, albeit at slower pace


The ICT sector revenue generated last year accounted for 4% of total revenue generated by companies performing commercial activities.

Companies providing programming and consulting services generated EUR 1.44 billion in revenue, or 35% of total ICT revenue created last year. Slightly less, EUR 1.36 billion (33% of total ICT revenue) was generated by telecommunications providers.

The sector employed 27,680 people in 2018, 5% more than the year before. Its wage bill amounted to EUR 665 million, up 9.3%. The figure accounted for 5% of salaries paid out by commercial companies.

Value added was up by 4.7% to EUR 1.44 billion, which was only half as much as between 2016 and 2017, and the number of companies in the sector grew by 5% to more than 8,520, the data also show.


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