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Most ministries happy with 2020 and 2021 budgets


In total, EUR 10.350 billion will be available to the government next year and EUR 10.455 billion the year after that, the highest figure in Slovenia's history.

The Finance Ministry will have some EUR 100 million less available to it in 2020 compared to this year. Less funds will be available to pay off interest, transfers to the pension purse, financial compensation to municipalities, among other things.

The ministry also told the STA that Slovenia's budget reserve is not as high as many believe. The rainy-day fund, which covers unexpected expenses of all ministries, has shrunk by EUR 10 million to EUR 15 million.

The Interior Ministry said that appropriate equipment and working conditions for the police force would remain one of its main priorities.

The Foreign Ministry said it would find reserves by lowering its obligations to international organisations. Most of the funds allocated to it will go for the work of diplomatic and consular missions and the wage bill.

The Ministry of Defence said its investment funds would go up next year and that most of the funds allocated to it would be spent on equipment, infrastructure, ammunition and ICT development, R&D in natural disaster safety, among other things.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food will get only slightly more funds than this year. While the department will cover its obligations, additional funds will have to be found for compensation in the case of natural disasters or disease outbreak.

The Infrastructure Ministry said it would spend more funds next year on railways, sustainable mobility and motorways. The new rail line between Koper and Divača and segments of the Third Developmental Axis expressway, connecting Koroška in the north and Dolenjska in the south, remain its top priorities.

Environment and Spatial Planning Minister Simon Zajc seemed less pleased than his colleagues in his statement after the government session last week, indicating that he would want more funds for flood control measures.

The Health Ministry will get more funds than this year for measures to cut waiting times, address money flow problems of health institutions and guarantee health care for the poor.


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