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The partnership is certainly a step forward in the Slovenian educational space, as the two business
school will join forces to educate and empower future leaders. Most of the study courses will take
place in Ljubljana, and some of the lectures will also be moved to Prague. A study program that is
oriented mainly in practical knowledge will be led by foreign lecturers with extensive academic and
entrepreneurial experience, who will take care of the flow of the entrepreneurial and leadership
experience and knowledge.

The MBA study program at GEA College is particularly suitable for middle managers, independent consultants and key client administrators with three to five years of work experience who see themselves as talent or are recognized as such by their organizations.
Applications for the program will be open from October this year, with the first generation of MBA
participants going towards this new experience in October next year. The eighteen-month course
will take place over the weekends and will be concluded with a final project under the guidance of
a mentor.

When asked where she sees the benefits of the collaboration, Katja Kraškovic, GEA College
, answered: "Collaboration between us and the UNYP means that we believe in the power
of networking. Many hands make light work and our partnership will surely confirm that. The fact
that foreign lecturers with experience from the world will come to Ljubljana also gives greater
weight to the collaboration. I look forward to these interactions, I look forward to the fresh
perspective and, above all, I look forward to being able to share this with the participants of the

The collaboration between the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) and GEA College brings freshness to the entrepreneurial education field, as future graduates will surely gain the most by blending cultures and experiences. The study, which will take place in Ljubljana, will move to Prague for a short time, and the program will be conducted only by foreign lecturers with valuable experience in the economic world. According to the alumni, connecting and networking of students and mentors is expected to be the biggest contributor to the careers of graduates.

Sotiris Karagiannis, Graduate Business Program Manager at UNYP, shared his view on leadership:

"Well, you can google 700 different definitions of leadership and all of them can be right in their
own way. I think it is a matter of perspective. Coming from my own experience, leaders of today
are characterised by their willingness to inspire people. And they achieve that by sharing power.
You see, if they do not share it, two things might happen. First, they might not be too confident
about themselves and their strengths, so they are holding on to the position they have. And they
end up being managers, not leaders. Secondly, I believe leadership is a choice. One can decide to
become a leader and not becoming one by assignment. How you do that? Show the people around
you that you are as vulnerable, weak and as frail as them. That is how you build trust."


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