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Athletes pave the way to global recognition for Slovenia



The Vuelta cycling race in Spain, which spanned a period of three weeks, was seen by millions of sports enthusiasts all around the world. This year, the podium was dominated by Slovenians, with Primož Roglič taking first, and 21-year-old Tadej Pogačar third place. The Slovenian anthem echoed through the streets of Madrid and for a brief moment, the spotlight of the global media was placed on Slovenia.

The euphoria continued as the Slovenian volleyball won the semi-final in a packed to the brim Stožice Stadium in Ljubljana. The atmosphere was electric as the fans kept singing the Slovenian anthem, motivating each and every member of our volleyball team to expend their best efforts - which they did. Ultimately, the Slovenian volleyball team rewarded our nation by winning a silver medal at the final of the European Volleyball Championship in Paris.

Following years of hard work and training, Eva Terčelj's dedication paid off at the Canoe Slalom World Championships where she won a gold medal. We also witnessed amazing performances by young climbers in Kranj.

Sports are also tightly linked to the economy and broader social affairs. This year, the Slovenian economy has recorded quite a few successes and we are slowly making our way toward achieving international recognition. This edition of The Slovenia Times is full of quality content which sheds light on the current state of economic affairs and various projections for the future - the economic analyses were drawn up by leading professionals from international companies, including S&P Global Ratings and DRBS - Insight beyond the rating.

You are kindly invited to read the interview with our former Minister of Finance and insightful analyst, Dušan Mramor. Another interesting read is the interview with the Chancellor of the University of Ljubljana which celebrates the 100th anniversary of its establishment in December this year. The interview provides insights into the circumstances surrounding the development of scientific talent in Slovenia.

The ties between talent, innovation and institutions are highly important. Read more about the significance of, and opportunities for, the development of Green Tech which is fast becoming a new pivotal industry in the global economy.

For a small and globally less-known country with just a little over two million citizens, each first-rate success is of utmost importance - after all, it proves that ceaseless efforts and talent are the key to achieving success on a global scale. Nevertheless, it is mandatory that the conditions are first met which allow for the development of talent, be it on an individual or team level.

However, we still have a long way to go to make the entrepreneurial environment in Slovenia more favourable for the development of businesses which will ascend to the very top of the European and global rankings.

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