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Slovenia - boutique destination for five-star experiences


We are fortunate that the current national strategic vision for tourism is "A global green boutique destination for demanding guests who are seeking a diverse and active experience, peace of mind and personal benefits". For the first time, the national government's tourism document contains the word "boutique", enabling the national tourism organisation to start promoting Slovenia as a boutique destination. People that work in Slovenia's tourism industry know very well that it will take a lot of time before Slovenia will truly become what is stated as the strategic vision in the national tourism strategy. It is important for the country and the ndustry that the government has recognised that this is the right direction for the development of tourism in the country. The Slovenian tourist board is taking the right steps by identifying boutique tourism products and actively promoting them on the global market, encouraging others to follow this path with both brown and green field investments. We already have great and successful stories in different parts of Slovenia. including several glamping locations in different areas of Slovenia, Hotel Cubo, Nebesa, Pule Estate, Lepa Vida, Dobra Vila, Vila Planinka, Sunrose 7 and many others.

It is also necessary to understand that boutique destinations must not only provide great boutique hotel experience. Guests seeking a boutique experience expect to get premium and personal service in a high quality and sustainable environment. In addition, guests expect innovative solutions where gastronomy plays a vital role.

Meeting and incentive travel has not been overlooked in the new strategy.International clients organising meetings and incentive travel are constantly seeking new countries and destinations that offer boutique services and experiences with more and more emphasis on sustainability. It is fortunate that Slovenia is still perceived as an emerging and new country for international meeting and incentive planners.

Although Slovenia is relatively small in geographic size, it has a rich and diverse offer, it can be said that the Slovenia is a big natural park where tidiness and cleanliness play an important role. Foreign guests will find three geographic and three climate regions, but also three wine regions, all on a small piece of land with thousands of years of history. In addition, hospitality is written in the DNA of a Slovenian.

Slovenia is an amazing country for meetings and incentives. Four experience regions, containing 34 major destinations, offer endless opportunities for boutique experiences. A great advantage in Slovenia is that visitors can easily combine two or even three geographic regions in one program. Not many destinations have this possibility. Slovenia does not only have a great offer in the capital and developed tourism destinations, there are amazing boutique products and experiences in all parts and corners of the country. Most experiences are closely connected with the local environment and cultural heritage. From the mystic Alps to the wine regions, the magical Karst, the Mediterranean , the lowlands, Styria, Carinthia and Prekmurje.

The definition of incentive travel by SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Excellence) is "Incentive travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognise participants for increased levels of performance in support of organisational goals".

An exceptional travel experience can also be understood as a boutique experience. Incentive travel planners are constantly looking for boutique experiences that incentive travel participants have not experienced before and that it is not possible to buy on the market.

One of the global trends in incentive travel, according to SITE, is authenticity. Slovenia, with its rich cultural heritage and boutique offer in all parts of the country, proposes genuine and authentic experiences that are exceptional and cannot be experienced elsewhere.


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