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The reign of Sanja Grohar, current Miss Slovenia, will soon be coming to an end. At last year's Miss World competition Sanja achieved 12th place, which was perhaps better than she had expected. Nevertheless, she has less than three months left before she must pass on the tiara. The pre-selections for the next Miss Slovenia have already started. Leading a busy life with most of her time devoted to her obligations as a beauty queen and her efforts to build a career as a singer, she was more than a little surprised when she got an e-mail from an American fan asking her for an autographed photo. The gentleman, who is supposedly a collector of sports figure autographs, is now expanding his collection to include his other interests. The man was even kind enough to attempt to translate his request into Slovene. Sanja was of course nice enough to send him the signed picture. Singer and songwriter Jan Plestenjak has shown that public recognition can be used for a worthy purpose. For many celebrities a forthcoming birthday can be a stressful or even horrifying event, since modern society places such value on always looking young. Jan, however, has decided on using his special occasion to show his kindness and generosity. To celebrate his 33rd birthday at the end of March, he has arranged a special event at the Ljubljana Opera house. The invitations sent to his closest friends instruct the guests not to bring any presents for the birthday boy. Instead, guests should make a financial donation to support an establishment that helps children ill with cancer. The money donated will be spent on perfusion pumps which help to safely measure the children's vital medications. In the last couple of years, reality shows have been growing more and more popular with viewers. After successful seasons of Sanjska zenska (The Dream Woman), Sanjski moski (The Dream Man) and Bar, this year TV producers have decided to once again put a woman into the spotlight and entertain the public with Sanjska zenska 2 (The Dream Woman 2).The first episode of the show has already been successfully aired, but viewers will have to wait a bit longer than expected to witness the conquering of the dream woman's heart. Although gossip columns report that the filming of the show is almost finished (there are only three candidates left), star Nina Osenar is taking some time out to further her career. Posing naked for the Slovene edition of Playboy garnered Nina a personal invitation to America from the owner of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. The filming of Sanjska zenska 2 will therefore have to be postponed while she is in American posing for a special edition of Playboy. The dream men will have to find some other form of entertainment while waiting for Nina to return. Slovene Brigita Suler, a young musical performer, was first noticed by the public when she sang a duet with performer Werner. She is now starting a solo career, but her fans seem to be more interested in her looks than in her ability to carry a tune. The blond bombshell has been plagued with questions regarding her bulging cleavage - is it a gift of nature or the work of a good plastic surgeon? Although she is relatively new to the whole media circus, Brigita appears to be aware of the negative consequences of fame and seems to be handling it as well as possible. Instead of running straight to a lawyer like most stars in her shoes would, she decided to go to the extra effort of proving the authenticity of her much-gossiped-about breasts. One of the tabloids accompanied her to a plastic surgeon's office, where they were assured that Mother Nature was indeed very generous in her case. Thus fans need not spend any more time pondering the issue, and can instead relax and await her new single Lepa rozica (A beautiful flower). Unfortunately former regional TV station owner Stojan Auer did not have the option of avoiding the lawyer's office. In the mid-nineties Auer was one of the first and biggest event planners in Slovenia, entertaining viewers with international and Slovene stars. Earlier this year, he was found guilty of attempted tax fraud and sent to jail for a year. After several complaints against his conviction and the signing of a petition for his release, he is now a free man, as the lawyers found some inconsistencies in his case. Just a few years ago, Stojan was voted the second most popular Slovene (following only former president Milan Kucan). Now he can once again start building his career, although the legal process is presumably to be renewed as soon as possible. Until then he should expect the best...


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