The Slovenia Times

4th Wine Festival of Osrednje Slovenske gorice


Together with the winegrowers of the municipalities Cerkvenjak, Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih goricah, Lenart v Slovenskih goricah, Sveta Ana v Slovenskih goricah, Benedikt and Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih goricah, we will once again create a unique evening, where excellent wines will be joined with good music and pleasant company.

From 6 p.m., you will be able to enjoy the wine of more than twenty winegrowers, in the musical accompaniment of the group Zven, wooden masterpieces of the Wenzel family and... well, let's keep this a secret for now.

The ticket price is 9,00 €. The tasting glass is included in the price and you can afterwards take it home with you as a souvenir.

See you and cheers till then!


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