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Adria Airways flight school on sale


According to the business daily Finance, the main asset of Adria Airways Flight School is a valid ATO (Approved training organisations) licence, which would enable a potential buyer to continue training candidates for pilots.

Until 25 November, receiver Blaž Poljanšek will be collecting bids for the entire company, for the leasing of two PS-28 Cruiser aircraft by Czech Sport Aircraft and for the use of the FNPT II flight simulator.

Poljanšek told Finance that several candidates had shown interest in buying the licence and that he was checking how much interest existed officially through the call for bids.

He explained that the receivership had interrupted the training of around 30 pilot candidates.

Adria Airways Flight School recorded EUR 315,000 in sales revenue in 2018, down roughly 20% on 2017. The net loss amounted to EUR 339,000 in 2018 and to EUR 171,000 in 2017.


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