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cargo-partner with a modern logistics centre near Brnik airport


The iLogistic Center Ljubljana will service cargo-partner's clients in Slovenia and central and south-eastern Europe. As cargo-partner CEO, Stefan Krauter, said at the opening, the company decided to build in Slovenia due to the geostrategic position of the country between Asia and Central Europe, and because of their trust in the country's political and social environment.

Moreover, the Slovenian market lacks modern logistics services, he said, adding that the location itself also provides great potential for development in the region.

Despite the complexity and size of the facility, the building was completed in 11 months. The final price of the complex was EUR 28 million, EUR 1.5 million more than initially planned. The centre is the biggest investment of Cargo-Partner in recent years.

An important milestone

The iLogistic Center Ljubljana was designed by the architect bureau, Protim, using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) model. The centre was inaugurated at the end of August and will replace the company's three current storage facilities in Slovenia, which amount to a combined 6,000 square metres of space.

The new centre has 25,000 square metres of storage space and another 4,000 square metres of office space. "There is great interest in and demand for our services," said Viktor Kastelic, Managing Director of cargo-partner in Slovenia. "The new iLogistics Center Ljubljana represents an important milestone for the cargo-partner company in Slovenia and we are convinced that it will not only help boost the growth at the local level, but also in the wider region," Kastelic added.


(Photo: Miran Kambic)


Modern logitics services

cargo-partner offers short- and long-term warehousing, and a full range of value-added services such as collection and packing, labeling, rapid throughput, consolidation, commissioning, multi-channel distribution, eFulfillment solution (supply of online stores) and other logistics services. The new warehouse has 44 loading doors for trucks, with a storage capacity of more than 20,000 pallets. In addition, the site also provides 6,000 square meters of storage space for shelving on storage shelves and for value-added services, as well as 5,000 square meters of space for rapid throughput and storage of goods of exceptional dimensions. The high-shelf warehouse is a combination of an induction-guided, narrow-aisle and standard wide-aisle system.

The company has already signed new partners and the storage is filling up fast. As Kastelic believes, the facility will be full in about five to seven years when the company plans to expand the centre.

Kastelic believes that cargo-partner will increase its market share in Slovenia, which amounts to 21% in air cargo transport and 15% in naval transport. cargo-partner has been present in Slovenia since 1996 and currently has more than 100 employees in the country. With the iLogistic Center Ljubljana, the company has created 30 new jobs in and will create 100 new jobs in all, which is an important contribution for the Gorenjska region.


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