The Slovenia Times

Slovenian job market remains tight


Employer reported a total of 128,478 vacancies in the first ten months of the year, down slightly year-on-year, while almost 50,000 persons registered as unemployed got a job in the same period, a 8.9% drop but still high by historical standards.

Despite 893,000 people currently having a job in Slovenia, one of the highest levels in history, and unemployment near record lows, there are therefore good employment prospects across the board.

"The deficits we've been registering on the labour market are an opportunity for many job seekers," Employment Service director Mavricija Batič said.

In a country long grappling with precarious forms of employment, in particular among youths, the number of full-time posts on open-ended contracts has been increasing and such job offers now account for almost a third of all advertised positions.

The highest number of open-ended job offers is in technology, almost 60%, with the shares also high in legal professions, business, management and consulting.

Overall, the number of job openings for which a college degree is needed rose by 8.3%, whereas the number of low-skilled jobs on offer declined by 6-7%.


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