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Small businesses join criticism of loan restrictions


"The measure is out of touch with reality and thoughtless, while its negative consequences will soon be felt by the entire Slovenian economy," the OZS said in a press release on Monday.

OZS president Branko Meh said that Banka Slovenije's measure was also completely illogical from the aspect of serious warnings about the cooling of the economy.

"Reduced domestic consumption will only speed up the cooling," said Meh, noting that many small businessmen depend on the Slovenian market and domestic consumption, and wondering whether Slovenia really wanted a new crisis so badly.

The OZS said the measure would affect many employees in the corporate sector as well as many retired small businessmen on low pensions.

The chamber of small business also does not understand how Banka Slovenije can decide what consumers will do with their money.

It believes the measure is suited to many individuals who will now provide loans with excessive interest rates on the grey market.

It will also benefit property owners, who will be able to rent out their flats to those who will not be able to get a housing loan to buy them.


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