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Postojna Cave operator happy with continuous growth, investments


"Every year, the entire profit goes into investment and next year will be no different," said director general Marjan Batagelj. He believes this is also the reason why the company is growing so fast, as visitors notice straight away when a destination is being developed.

Next year, the company will start renovating the promenade in front of the cave, which will cost EUR 4 million. By Easter, the second part of renovations at Jama Hotel, located on the promenade, is to be completed, a project with a price tag of EUR 3 million that will double the number of beds to nearly 160.

Moreover, the company will start renovating Cerkno Hotel at the nearby Cerkno ski slopes. This will set Postojnska Jama back EUR 7 million, said Batagelj.

"If we're doing well, others nearby are also doing well." Batagelj said that the number of night by tourists in the Postojna area had increased by 24%. The municipality collected EUR 100,000 in tourism tax, with Postojnska Jama contributing EUR 37,575.

By the end of the year, 868,800 people will have visited the Postojna Cave and another 300,000 Predjama Castle, another tourist attraction run by Postojnska Jama.

About 14% of the company's guests are Italians, followed by Germans (9%), Brits (5%) and Slovenians (5%). There are also many visitors from South Korea, Hungary, Poland and the US. Next year, the 40-millionth visitor will have visited the Postojna Cave, which was open to the public more than 200 years ago.

The company has an average of 215 full-time employees, with the number rising to 450 in the summer season. The average salary is EUR 1,882 gross.


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