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Gault & Millau crowns star chef Roš and Zemono Manor restaurant


A total of six Slovenian restaurants have been assigned four precious Gault & Millau toques - the guide's system of evaluating restaurants using a scale of one to four chef hats. Moreover, almost 30 have received three toques.

The cream of the Slovenian culinary scene according to Gault & Millau was announced on Wednesday as part of the Days of Slovenian Tourism, the main tourism industry event in the country.

Uroš Štefelin was named the best chef of traditional cuisine, while Jure Tomič was selected as the chef of tomorrow.

Gault & Millau food critics graded more than 180 Slovenian restaurants this year, taking into account the whole gamut of customer experience.

This year's guide for Slovenia features more than 150 restaurants, almost 60 wine growers and 12 craft breweries, introducing farm-to-table restaurants and presenting typical Slovenian animal foods as well as unique experiences.

The guide will be presented in a week at the November Gourmet Finale event where a special guide dedicated to Ljubljana will be released as well.

Both award-winning restaurants, Pri Lojzetu and Hiša Franko, were victorious last year as well, sharing the first place, when the prestigious French international guide, equally important as the famous Michelin Guide, entered the Slovenian culinary scene.

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) supports renowned foreign culinary guides entering the scene and boosting its development - it has promoted the Slovenian Gault & Millau guide as well as welcomed the expected arrival of the first Slovenian Michelin reference guide, which is set to be published in March next year.


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