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110th anniversary of Rusjan's pioneer flight marked


The documentary called The Flying Rusjan Brothers, directed by Boris Palčič, will be screened in the evening in Eda Center, a commercial and business centre in Nova Gorica dedicated to Rusjan's memory.

The title refers to the pioneer constructing the biplane together with his elder brother Josip Rusjan, which the former flew on 25 November 1909 near Gorizia, now located in Italy and bordering Slovenia's Nova Gorica.

The flight covered 60 metres and reached a height of two metres in what was the first ever powered flight by a Slovenian.

The screening will be followed by a talk with Ernest Ferko of the Edvard Rusjan Aviation Association and the legendary aviator Benjamin Ličer.

It was Ličer who marked the anniversary already in September by flying under Solkan Bridge, the world's longest stone arch railroad bridge.

The anniversary was also recently marked with a guided tour in the area, which concluded in Eda Center, where a replica of Rusjan's airplane Eda V is on display.

As the activities were recently presented by the local authorities, Nova Gorica Deputy Mayor Simon Rosič said that the story could also be an opportunity to develop tourism in the area, as it was a part of cultural and aviation heritage.

Viljem Prinčič, an expert on Rusjan, added that while he had not been the first European to fly a powered aircraft, the achievement was significant because the Rusjan brothers had been self-made aviators and designers using their own modest resources.

An exhibition marking the anniversary is opening today in the National Assembly. It will be on display until Friday.


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