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EU commission confirmed, Lenarčič Slovenian commissioner


Commenting on the 461 in favour, 157 against and 89 abstained support for the commission team of Ursula von der Leyen in parliament, Lenarčič spoke of a strong endorsement, noting it was far higher than in the case of Jean-Claude Juncker's team five years ago.

He said the future path would not be easy, including not for his portfolio, where mistakes should be avoided at all cost, since funds are scarce but public expectations high.

"I'm a European commissioner, but I'm from Slovenia and I will not forget this," Lenarčič also told the press in Strasbourg, repeating that what is in the general interest is also in the interest of Slovenia.

He said that the task of the commissioners was working for the general interest of the EU, which he intends "to take seriously".

Also in the general interest of the EU is honouring the rule of law and of court rulings, which is something he will strive for consistently.

This last point was also highlighted in the response of Prime Minister Marjan Šarec, who said he hoped the new Commission would "recognise the elements that Slovenia is also promoting, meaning in particular the rule of law".

"We know what was happening in the past. I'm confident they will recognise that some things really require a different attitude and that party lines must not be the sole approach," Šarec said in Ljubljana in a likely reference to Juncker's Commission not taking Croatia before the EU Court of Justice over the border arbitration developments.


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