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Environment minister disappointed with Madrid conference


"The EU and Slovenia insist that immediate action is needed, while the biggest polluters have a moral obligation to start taking scientists' warnings seriously if we want to cap the heating of the atmosphere at 1.5 degrees Celsius," Zajc was quoted as saying in a press release by the Environment Ministry.

The negotiations in Madrid were very demanding and protracted, noted Eva Černigoj, a member of the Slovenian delegation. Countries wanted progress but at the end their positions were just too different, she said.

"A number of items on the agenda were adopted but the progress made does not express the urgency and the proactivity we, as a planet, need to fight the climate crisis," Černigoj told the STA.

Although progress was made in terms of the gender action plan and in recognising the importance of oceans, it became clear quite soon that no progress would be made in terms of progress transparency, said Černigoj.


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