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In the Footsteps of the first Postojna Cave explorers


We've put on the red caving suit, stepped into caving boots, placed helmets on heads and checked the headlight for the third time. In an underground a cave light is essential. We were ready. Ready to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday with a special experience.

It is not news anymore, travelling makes us much happier than any material wealth. Investing money into experiences is investing into long-term happiness and satisfaction. Following that motto, we decided to try one of, at the moment, 11 Slovenian Unique Experiences. That is a label for the most unique, 5-star tourist experiences. Every holder of the Slovenia Unique Experiences label, awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board, ensures that its offer is local, authentic, unique, boutique, sustainable and of premium quality.

We headed towards Postojna cave. Boutique Postojna cave? Yes! The 'In the Footsteps of Luka Čeč' tour is carried out in the 'non-tourist' parts of the Pivka Cave and the Black Cave as the last underground stations of the Pivka River. Only three of us, accompanied by an experienced speleologist, descended the 317 steps to the abyss, the ultimate darkness, surrounded by complete silence, only if we had managed to be quiet, the urge for loud appreciation of the beauty of the caves was constant.

Apart from admiring the underground for almost four hours, we tested our capability at underground orienteering, had a bit of a rise in the adrenaline level as we descended on a rope, did a bit of climbing and then exited the cave comfortably on the famous cave train. We were lucky to see those little baby dragons in the nature, by baby dragon I mean one of the most special and interesting Slovenian animals that can live up to hundred years and we actually call them human fish. But beware, this animal is not a human nor a fish, it is amphibian that never exits the water.

An important part of this special experience is also the food. Before entering the cave, the guide greeted us with a welcome snack and after the tour we had a feast. Our taste buds were blasted for almost two hours of local delicacies in the Jama hotel. The four-course menu was nicely accompanied by the excellent choice of only Slovenian wines.

A bit of an adventurous experience accompanied with great food was an excellent birthday present, that we might repeat. As a birthday gift or for any other day.


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