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Skiers to show off their stamina in marathon night skiing


Those interested can apply until Friday, January 10. They will compete for the title of the most endurable skier under the auspices of star downhill skier Ilka Štuhec. The title of the event is a pun playing around with her name.

Apart from skiing, all-night snowboarding will dominate the slopes as well in the first such challenge in Slovenia which will test the participants' endurance as well as speed.

The sunrise will announce the finish line, with the most tenacious competitors receiving various awards.

"No one is saying that absolutely every one should ski for the entire 12 hours. One should only be aware that more rest will decrease their opportunities for winning," said the event's coordinator and ski instructor Dora Skorobrijin, who is also Štuhec's sister.

The race will serve as an opportunity for fusing competitiveness, fun, mingling as well as charity work since every competitor will contribute one euro with each finished lapse to the event's fund.

Same goes for the exhibition race ahead of the finals which will see sports and entertainment celebrities taking to the slopes. Their participation will raise more money though, which will in the end go to a foundation helping socially vulnerable athletes.

The winners in men and women's categories will be awarded a new pair of skies, same as those bringing Štuhec accolades.


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