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Small but innovative, Deržič investing into expansion


Speaking to reporters earlier this week, the company owner Rudi Deržič announced an investment of EUR 1.5 million into an expansion of its production facilities.

Their chief products are fire doors, soundproof doors, flood doors and recently sliding glass radiation protection doors, all made to order, and all product of Deržič's own know-how and development.

Based in Veliki Obrež near Dobova, the company has also developed dual-axis solar trackers for solar panels, erecting the largest solar power plant in the country at its location.

The plant, comprising 90 such trackers, supplies 850,000 kilowatt hours of power into the grid on average annually.

According to Deržič, the trackers make it possible to increase the efficiency of solar plants by almost 50% and provide adaptability to all weather conditions, in particular strong wind.

Employing 25 people, the company posits an average of EUR 2 million in annual revenue, roughly 10% of which is reinvested. Steady growth is expected to continue.

Almost a third of the output is exported with a 20% growth projected in foreign markets this year.

The headcount is also expected to increase gradually, with plans to hire in particular engineers.

As a side activity, the company also runs an energy self-sufficient farm on a remedied local landfill, breeding a small herd of cattle.

The company also manufactures metal door frames and other types of doors. It will supply doors for Hotel Brdo at the Brdo estate as part of renovation.


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