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Measures more important than declaring climate emergency


It is also important to see if there is a parliamentary majority for the necessary measures that would have to be taken if a climate emergency is declared, he told the press in Ljubljana on Monday.

The first law on climate policy in Slovenian history will be vital in this respect, said Zajc, noting the law, which should be passed this year, would set carbon neutrality goals until 2050.

"For me the climate policy law will be important so that we count each other, and then we can start implementing the measures from the new climate strategy."

Among the measures for which a consensus will be needed he mentioned the development of sustainable transport "so that people do not opt to buy their own cars".

Energy is another very important area with challenges such as renewable sources of energy or more efficient use, he said.

The coal-fired power station TE҆ will also have to be closed, the minister reiterated, but said that this should be done in the 2030-2035 period.

A number of NGOs as well as the parliamentary speaker and a special climate police panel of experts at the Slovenian president's office have urged Slovenia to join a handful of countries which have declared a state of climate emergency.

They believe this symbolic gesture would facilitate directing all resources, including funds, towards addressing the emergency climate situation.


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