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Hooray Studios personalised books netted EUR 27m in 2019


Starting out in Slovenia, the company first branched into Italy and Germany, but now it also has subsidiaries in the United States and United Kingdom, where it sells its products under the Hooray Heroes brand.

Its portfolio contains a variety of personalised children's books in which young children as well as their siblings and parents appear as protagonists.

"By expanding our concept of personalised books for children to books for the wider family, a plethora of new opportunities have opened up that we had not even detected before," Hooray Studios marketing director Mic Malenšek said.

The surge in demand required beefing up the IT system to manage orders. The company also forged partnerships with print houses in the US, France and UK and now has the capacity to print up to 100,000 books per day, according to general manager and co-founder Rado Daradan.

The company now has 140 staff and contracts additional workers during peak season. In 2020 they plan to roll out more than ten new projects, not just books but also complementary merchandise.


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