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Scientific vaudeville to explore human evolution, fate


The goal was to "create a clever, entertaining and educational artwork about evolution, space and our place in it," Buljan was quoted as saying by Cankarjev Dom.

According to the head of the theatre and modern dance section at Cankarjev Dom, Andrej Jaklič, the co-production between the SNG Drama Ljubljana theatre, the MGL theatre and Cankarjev Dom is exceptional in many ways.

It is also considered the highlight of the Slovenia 2050 Festival, dedicated to reflection about Slovenia's future in a global context.

The director of the SNG Drama Ljubljana, Igor Samobor, said that Harari dealt with the fundamental questions of where do we come from, where we are and where we are going. When Buljan, who is also the author of the concept of the show, proposed Harari's texts, this was warmly welcomed, he said.

Barbara Hieng Samobor, the director of the MGL theatre, noted that Buljan's concept of the production was based not only on the talents of the actors and actresses but also on their views and thoughts and their co-creation of the play.

While Harari contemplates on the fundamental questions alone, the actors and actresses do it together on stage but in a "less terminal and axiom-like way", Samobor said.

Harari's guidelines are being processed very respectfully and faithfully, and then opened in a way that allows the audience to create its own interpretations.

Buljan said he had picked Harari for no philosophical or polemical reason. When the project started, he was virtually unknown in Slovenia but in the meantime his popularity rose to the point when an author becomes too influential, and is considered more of a guru than a philosopher.

According to dramaturge Petra Pogorevc, the starting point of the production was Harari's 1200-page popular scientific texts on the past, present and future of humanity.

After thoroughly studying the material, the team picked the parts they felt strongly about and thought they could be put on stage.

In putting on the show, they used elements of performance, Kabuki theatre, film and television, and various other genres. Topical issues in Slovenia and abroad also inspired their work.

The production, which will be on every night from 27 January until 1 February, is based on Harari's books Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

The 13-member cast includes TV stars actress Zvezdana Mlakar and actor Jurij Zrnec.


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