The Slovenia Times

Finance says Rastoder may succeed in building an airline


It is good that the state-owned Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) has established that it does not pay to establish a new airline, while it remains to be seen how seriously Rastoder will manage this part of his business, the paper says under the headline Can Rastoder Make It?.

Either way, there is no need for generous state aid, as it is already perfectly clear that aircraft land at and depart the Ljubljana airport even without state aid. Not only that - new airlines which can connect Ljubljana with other continents through their hubs are coming to the airport.

"With or without state aid, Rastoder is in for a difficult job if he means seriously with the airline business. Small airlines are rarely profitable due to high fixed costs."

The paper adds that Rastoder could make it with a small fleet and lean organisation and by covering niches - perhaps really in cooperation with Montenegro Airlines, one of the smallest airlines in the world with a fleet of five aircraft.

Perhaps he is not serious and has only purchased Adria Airways licences, but he is a crafty businessman and has certainly thought the things through. "But we cannot expect that we will soon get a Slovenian airline of a size similar to Adria Airways."


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