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Slovenian MEPs hope for a good agreement with UK after Brexit


Fajon hopes that the EU and UK will conclude in the transitional period a constructive agreement about future relations, which she wants to interfere in the daily functioning of the EU and lives of its citizens as less as possible.

"It is in our interest to cooperate with the United Kingdom as good and close as possible," Fajon said, while regretting Brexit, which she labelled as a consequence of irresponsible populism, "the lesson of which we all will pay for."

"I had always thought that Brexit will miraculously not happen. After all, the UK is one of the strongest EU members and its departure will undoubtedly leave consequences," she said in a press release.

Bogovič tweeted that "Brexit is a defeat for all, there is no winner here. Reason must prevail in the next 11 months so that we conclude a good agreement on future cooperation."

Romana Tomc (EPP/SDS) meanwhile believes that the consequences of Brexit will be felt both in the EU and in the UK. "Both sides will get adjusted to the new situation, we will conclude a cooperation agreement and learn to live together with new rules."

She also stressed in the press release that a country which left the EU could not have the same rights as member states. "The UK thus cannot count on benefits it had when it was a part of the EU, as it will be excused from obligations on the other hand."


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