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Židan: Janša has upper hand in deciding on future developments


Asked about the likelihood of a new coalition being formed or a snap election held, Židan said on the sidelines of Wednesday's parliament session that the creation of a new majority in the current term completely depended on Janša, whose party has 26 MPs in the 90-member legislature.

"If they decide that a snap election is in their interest, we will hold it, and if they decide that it is in their interest to take over a government, they will do this," said the parliamentary speaker.

Židan said that the SD deputies would unequivocally support the amendments that would abolish supplementary health insurance, which are expected to be voted on today.

He believes that the vote could suggest the formation of a new political group in the National Assembly, as the "coalition is no more" as Šarec had resigned, and MPs were to take note of the resignation today.

The parliamentary parties will take new positions and the vote on the abolition of top-up health insurance will be a vote on what political group an individual party sees itself in the future, Židan said.

The coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC), which has admitted that talks on the formation of a new coalition are under way, has announced it would vote against, as has the coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS).

Židan also said the government had collapsed because minister from the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ) had started stepping down.

According to him, looking for responsibility in any other place is unnecessary, and the developments are a lesson for future government about how things should not be done.


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