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Before You Jump into the Thermal Water...



The town of Lasko is situated almost in the very heart of both Slovenia and Europe and it makes an excellent starting point for trips and excursions all over the country. Lasko is located 11 km from the motorway in Celje, if you are traveling from Maribor to Ljubljana. Sight-seeing Lasko, like so many other towns boasts a picturesque old town at its heart. The centre is dominated by St Martin's church, an interesting architectural example of three historic styles which accompanied its building: romantic, gothic and baroque. Another sight that takes you way back into history is Tabor castle. This was built in the 12th century and is well preserved. Today it features a wine shop, a gourmet restaurant and is also an ideal place for weddings. Its inner courtyard also makes a great concert venue. Don't miss it! You may have noticed the location of the old brewery. Of course it needed to be moved out of the old town, but that doesn't mean you should miss it off your list of attractions. On the contrary! The brewery provides guided tours where the secrets of beer-making are revealed to all. The tour naturally ends with a taste of the famous beer. Cheers! If you want to combine curiosity with recreation, head for Sv. Kristof to see the church with the oldest organ in Slovenia, which you will also find pictured on the 200 tolar note. Further away - and recommended for a bicycle trip - is the Gracnica valley with the picturesque Jurkloster Monastery. Hum The conical hill which rises above the town is an ideal trekking destination. With an altitude of only 583m, gentle slopes and a well-maintained path, it is an ideal place to climb and earn that beer. Everyone should be able to climb it in about an hour, starting from the town of Lasko. Hum boasts a lovely panorama of the surrounding countryside. Needless to say, a good way of concluding this trip is (besides the beer) to find a good restaurant, which shouldn't be a problem in Lasko and its environs.


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