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Talks between govt and public sector put on hold


The minister pointed out that the outgoing government had met almost all commitments made in late 2018 when no-strike and pay-rise agreements were signed with the trade unions, averting a wave of strikes.

Moreover, reforming the pay system for the public sector employees has been in the works, but this procedure will now be put on hold as well. It could be used as a starting point for the next coalition, added Medved.

The changes, which were but completed, aimed to make the system more effective and stimulating, and promoted variable rewarding of performance.

Less than a month ago, Medved said it would be ideal if the proposed changes were implemented by July when an austerity measure freezing performance bonuses in the public sector would expire.

This is no longer possible, but the minister believes that the relevant task force could continue working on performance-based remuneration criteria. The trade unions and caretaker government meanwhile suspended talks on this issue today as well.

However, the two sides will continue working on certain issues, including standards and norms in healthcare and social affairs, Jakob Počivavšek, the head of the Pergam confederation of public sector trade unions, told the STA.


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